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Square foot construction process

The Squarefoot Construction Process

Squarefoot Construction has earned an impeccable reputation even among the most discerning clientele in the DFW Metroplex Area. As a premier choice in Dallas for commercial construction, we still have the distinct ability to use vital communication skills to bridge the gap between the customer's vision and brick and mortar reality. Before getting started, please take a look at a brief overview describing our custom process.

Schedule Consultation

Our team is ready to meet with you and learn more about the needs of your company and your project. We'll schedule a consultation with you that meets your timing requirements. During this consultation, we'll answer any questions and address any concerns you may have.


Together, we create a shared vision with the client. Often, our real job is taking your ideas and bringing them to fruition. The first step in making that possible is using designing software to begin to map out the layout and put details in place.

Research and Concept

We'll use resources to learn more about your specific industry, such as clothing retail or medical, and learn about the latest innovations in design and implement that. We want your location to be on the cutting edge so you can appeal to a broader market and lure in new business. Applying these concepts into the planning and design will make a world of difference.

Design and Engineering

Design and engineering are about bringing the elements together that make a space functional for employees and attractive to patrons. We use our own services like commercial interior finish carpentry to create a place that successfully combines both form and function.

Proposal and Contract

We'll draw up a proposal for your approval and the approval of any governing personnel involved with the decision-making process for your company. The final contract will be initiated once necessary adjustments are made and approved. This is the final step before we can move forward with bringing the ideas to fruition.


This is where all of the planning pays off and we are ready to start the work on your project. Our crews will work hard to complete your vision by delivering upon high quality craftsmanship and full attention to detail.


After completion of construction and the final walk-through, your new space will be ready for occupancy. This is the stage where your new location is ready for merchandise, office furniture and any other details specific to your field. You are ready to open your doors and start your business.

Grand Opening

For commercial locations open to the public, you are now ready to celebrate your grand opening event! Take this time to Introduce your new business to your current and/or prospective clients by inviting them to tour your new commercial space and learn about what your company has to offer. We will help by offering suggestions on how to make your grand opening a success.

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