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Our Recent Work by Squarefoot Construction

State Farm Office in The Colony, Tx  Thumbnail
State Farm Office in The Colony, Tx

Remodeling a cold shell office space for State Farm office transforming the open space to a finished space into a fully functional and branded office. Conceptual design Interior Construction Walls and Partitions: Build walls for private offices, conference rooms, and other enclosed spaces. Ceiling: Install suspended ceilings if required. Flooring: […]

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Retail Build-Out Project for Shoe Sensation in Canton, TX Thumbnail
Retail Build-Out Project for Shoe Sensation in Canton, TX

With the help of our skilled and dedicated team, Squarefoot Construction was able to complete a build-out project from an empty retail space into a brand-new, beautiful shoe store. Retail Build-Out […]

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Office / Retail

As an expert general contractor for commercial buildings, we take pride in our office renovations and commercial remodeling projects. Each endeavor reflects our commitment to quality and client vision.


Every restaurant project we undertake captures the ambiance and functionality the business requires. From chic cafes to large diners, our proficiency ensures a dining space that resonates with patrons.


Specializing in medical facility construction, we understand the unique requirements and standards of these vital establishments. Our team ensures that each facility is built with precision, care, and adherence to all medical guidelines.

Gas Stations / Convenience Stores

Beyond just being a place to refuel, our designs for gas stations and convenience stores prioritize user experience and operational efficiency. With every project, we aim to set a benchmark in the industry.

Industrial / Warehouse

As a leading industrial building contractor, our prowess in constructing expansive and efficient warehouses is unparalleled. We integrate the latest industry trends with our client's needs to deliver top-notch industrial spaces.

At Squarefoot Construction, we blend innovative design with precision-driven craftsmanship. Whether it's a thriving retail space, a bustling restaurant, or a state-of-the-art medical facility, our portfolio showcases the diversity and expertise we bring to the table. Dive deep into our recent work to explore the transformations we've facilitated across varied sectors in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. From the initial concept to the final touch, let's collaborate to turn your construction aspirations into a reality. Ready to embark on a new project? Reach out to our team today.

If You Are Looking For A Commercial Contractor In The Dallas/Fort Worth Area, Please Call Us Today For A Free Estimate!

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If you are looking for a commercial construction company in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, please call us today For A Free Estimate!