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State Farm Office in The Colony, Tx

State Farm Office in The Colony, Tx

Remodeling a cold shell office space for State Farm office transforming the open space to a finished space into a fully functional and branded office.

Conceptual design

Interior Construction

Walls and Partitions: Build walls for private offices, conference rooms, and other enclosed spaces.

Ceiling: Install suspended ceilings if required.

Flooring: Choose and install suitable flooring materials (carpet, tile, etc.).

Finishing Touches

Painting and Wall Coverings: Apply State Farm's color scheme and branding elements.

Lighting: Install appropriate lighting fixtures for different areas (task lighting, ambient lighting).

Cabinetry and Millwork: Custom build or install pre-fabricated cabinetry for storage, reception desk, and kitchen areas.

Furniture: Choose and arrange furniture for offices, meeting rooms, and common areas.

Technology: Set up IT infrastructure, including networking, telecommunication systems, and security systems.

Service provided: Retail & Offices

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